Health-Related Academic Programs

Our degree programs empower you to create a healthier world.

If you’re interested in a healthcare career that improves the lives of others, explore the many health programs Adelphi University offers.

Community and Public Health

Community and Public Health are ideal fields for those who want to base their careers around improving the lives of others.

Mental Health

Adelphi faculty members from disciplines as diverse as education, psychology and social work support individual and community well-being through relevant mental health research and practice. We offer leading interdisciplinary programs in mental health services.

Personal Health

The definition of good health typically changes with age and vantage point, depending on whether you are a toddler, a professional athlete, a grandparent, and anywhere in between. At Adelphi, our faculty members are diligently working to improve healthcare through education, research, and outreach. And you can join our momentum through one of our programs.

Environmental Health

From measuring the impact of human activity on our oceans to the effect of pesticides on nerve cell development, research at Adelphi is challenging the way we measure environmental impact. Our programs can make you a leader in environmental health.