Resiliency and Emergency Services Cohort: Understanding Emergency Management Essentials Grant

Emergency management training for non-physician medical personnel

The Resiliency and Emergency Services Cohort: Understanding Emergency Management Essentials (RESCUE) grant will serve as a pilot program to bolster training of non-physician medical personnel in emergency management. 

The pilot cohort, starting in the Fall of 2017, will include six students, three each from Nassau and Suffolk County. The total cost of the program will be covered by the grant. This will include tuition, books, supplies, and fees.  In addition, the RESCUE collaborators will attend advanced activities and have personalized advisement.  This program will be completed in three semesters over one year.  After successful completion of all classwork, students will be awarded a Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management.  

Adelphi University’s Emergency Management Graduate Certificate is a nationally recognized program offered online and asynchronously, thus providing maximum flexibility, a critical component given the expected work schedule of participants. 

Recipients will take the following classes

  • Intro to Emergency Management and Homeland Security
  • Organizational Planning and Response
  • Health Management in Times of Disaster
  • Emergency Management Law
  • Business Continuity
  • Special Needs of Vulnerable Groups During Disaster

Long Island communities are vulnerable to disasters. Residents expect hospitals, health departments and emergency personnel to have the necessary training to respond and manage a disaster, both locally and regionally. The Joint Commission agrees, recently approving new and revised requirements addressing core emergency management principles. In response, many area hospitals have re-written job descriptions to incorporate these new competencies. Unfortunately, many hospital personnel are not able to meet the required competencies due to a lack of tailored training programs, competing time commitments, and insufficient financial resources to enroll and complete the programs. The RESCUE program addresses this critical need.  

RESCUE provides medical personnel access to an established emergency management graduate certificate program. The pilot program will focus on bringing working professionals into compliance with new standards utilizing the FEMA promoted all-hazard approach to emergency management.  The graduate certificate program will provide eligible professionals at all levels the opportunity to participate in an online certificate program. The subjects and training included will qualify them for new employment and promotion within their current positions for which they would not otherwise currently be eligible. In addition, it augments their skills to meet an expanding need regionally and nationally.  

Adelphi University’s Center for Health Innovation (CHI) is a transformational leader in health and wellness; enhancing the visibility of Adelphi University, demonstrating our commitment to a personalized educational experience locally, regionally, and nationally. 

  • Participants must be selected from Nassau or Suffolk County (proof of residency or certification of work address)
  • Students will be required to provide a copy of their transcript from all institutions attended
  • 500-word essay describing how the program will address the changes and skills required to maintain current employment and public health and health care and what new job requirements they could meet with this training.
  • A 2.75 GPA in undergraduate studies
  • Two letters of recommendation, one demonstrating support from the candidates employer and the other a professional reference
  • A completed application that includes the current employment and support from the employer for the selection of the program
  • In-person interview

Apply for this cohort on Adelphi’s online application for graduate programs.  Applications for this cohort are due June 16, 2017.

When applying for the program, please apply for the emergency management certificate listed under University College and select the box for RESCUE grant. This is located in the box titled “Your Plans” within the “Your Academics” page.

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