Partnership for Social and Community Resilience

We create partnerships that promote social and community resiliency.

The Partnership for Social and Community Resilience, founded by Meghan McPherson, MPP, CEM, and Elizabeth Cohn, PhD, RN, contributes to the education of our students and the health of our communities in the Long Island area through academic-community partnerships that promote social and community resiliency. This program supports Adelphi’s undergraduate and graduate degrees in emergency management, contained within University College. Currently, CHI is working in communities to build capacity for emergency response and future search through our Resiliency Grant Program.

Regional Initiatives

CHI worked with the Village of Patchogue and the Town of North Hempstead, two communities which were significantly impacted by recent disasters, to develop definitive community resiliency programs, empowering town officials in the process and developing working partnerships that are essential to improving resiliency in a disaster situation. The results are tangible products: town-specific plans have been developed for addressing current vulnerabilities and gaps.

As a result of data collection and analysis during the process, it was discovered that residents and town personnel were frustrated with the availability and accessibility of federal and insurance company documentation necessary in the immediate aftermath of a storm. To address this concern, a “Disaster Recovery Document Reference” was produced specifically for the citizens of both towns.

Both towns received Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program certification, which qualifies them for government grants for continued work.

Local Partnerships

CHI partners with the Nassau and Suffolk County Offices of Emergency Management to offer training for local emergency managers, public safety and town officials, including the Public Assistance Program to help town officials arrange for post-Sandy rebuilding of building infrastructure and development of building codes that promote resilience.

Academic Offerings

CHI supports and contributes to Adelphi’s programs in Emergency Services Administration and Emergency Management, which are offered through University College at both undergraduate and graduate levels.