Social innovation has always been our daily work.

Established in 2007 (formerly named the Center for Social Innovation), the Institute for Social Research and Community Engagement (iSoRCE) builds upon existing, successful campus-community projects and works to advance Adelphi’s longstanding role as an engaged university.

In its first year, iSoRCE adopted immigration as its priority focus, and over the course of three years worked to stimulate social innovation and change through numerous activities in thought leadership and research, community dialogue, and student academic and service learning.

Since iSoRCE’s inception, the campus-community project Vital Signs has been central to its endeavors. A social indicator report, Vital Signs tracks and assesses the region’s social health and well-being in order to identify health disparities and improve individual and community social health. Vital Signs functions as a centralized, longitudinal data source on existing regional issues and as a guide to identifying emerging challenges.

In 2011, iSoRCE changed its name to better reflect its core mission of community engagement and change through social research. The organization draws on the collaborative research efforts of its staff and Adelphi faculty and students to inform community discussion, deliberation, and action.

iSoRCE is part of Adelphi’s Center for Health Innovation and is currently engaged in primary research projects in food, nutrition, and health.



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