Core Principles

Our principles guide everything we do.

In its research, iSoRCE is guided by the following core principles:

  1. Research should be harnessed for direct and positive social change.
  2. Partnership and collaboration benefit the research enterprise.
  3. All ways of knowing have value. Innovative ideas and solutions often come about by combining different forms of knowledge, including university-based knowledge and community-based knowledge.
  4. Democratization of knowledge is vital to building community capacity and increasing civic engagement.
  5. The process of engaged research provides community members with the skills and resources to address future issues and to actively advocate for change.
Ebola and Beyond: Are We Ready?
The Center for Health Innovation's lecture and panel discussion.
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Focused on Autism
Our faculty members are experts in the full spectrum of autistic diagnoses.
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Healthcare Informatics
We prepare graduates for careers in health and medical informatics.
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